Research and Publications



Homelessness in Durham

Published in late 2015, this report is a baseline of what Durham’s homeless population looks like, from age, family status to source of income and average length of stay in a shelter. Written by CDCD, this report also makes recommendations for future changes that can help us collect more accurate data, and serve this population to the best of our ability.

Who's Hungry? Food banks in the GTA

Written by the Daily Bread Food Bank, this 2013 profile of hunger in the Greater Toronto Area tracks the increased use of food banks in suburbs, including Durham. One of the Daily Bread Food Bank’s most interesting findings? Each year, there are over 1 million visits to food banks in the GTA.


Giving Voice to Poverty in Durham

This 2009 report on poverty in Durham focuses on real voices and real experiences of poverty in Durham. Written in the wake of the recession and published by CDCD, the report was designed to add a new dimension to statistics and broaden our understanding of the experience of poverty.

A Safe and Decent Place to Live

A recent report that applies the Housing First model of addressing homelessness to the youth population. In collaboration with agencies who work with youth who are homeless, the Homeless Hub developed ways to accommodate youth within the Housing First framework.